An Inside Analysis Of Indispensable Elements For Wedding Venue

He is a seeker. And there is something very spiritual about him. So the priest thing just really it really hit the idea on the head. But what if they didnt get renewed for a third season? We write like Tim McGraw says: Live like youre dying, McKenna laughs. So we just wrote like we were getting renewed. RELATED Crazy Ex Adds Scott Michael Foster: Meet His Trump-y New Character Season 3 will be the season of the scorned woman. After getting jilted in humiliating fashion, Rebecca will indeed be seeking payback next season. McKenna says that Rebecca adopts a new persona each season, and in a time of crisis here, a new persona leaps into her mind, and its the scorned woman. Well see how consistently she follows through on that, and how her feelings evolve as she recovers from this big rupture. She adds that Rebeccas newfound feelings of hatred for Josh arent that big of a switch: Psychologically speaking, hating someone is the same as loving them. Because the opposite of love is apathy. Its not hatred. Its the flip side of an obsession. And of course, Rebecca may not have given up on a happy ending with Josh Chan just yet.

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