Simplifying Simple Bridal Nuptials Secrets

But most brides want to wear, well, something bridal. Whether its a trouser suit, a suit and top combo, a jumpsuit or a traditional dress, the majority of women dress in somethingthat makes it clear shes tying the knot. Which makes bride Beth Gardners choice of attire all the more unusual. Not only did Beth forgo white, she (by all appearances) forwent clothes altogether and instead walked down the aisle dressed in a T-rex costume. Yes, you read that correctly. Well its certainly a different kind of wedding attire [Photo: Storyful] More Gardner decided to use the opportunity to play a practical joke on her unsuspecting partner. Like most grooms, Tom was waiting at the other end of the aisle for his white and couldnt wait to turn around and see what his other half was wearing. Enter, the T-rex costume. When he eventually turned around to see Beth encased in the plastic suit, he couldnt stop laughing and was barely able to string a sentence together. Clearly, a match made in heaven.

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